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Mirror mirror


She thought she was safe. Hidden. Away from judgmental stares and prying eyes. She pulled out an antique mirror looking at it thoughtfully. Soon a tear appeared in one eye, and hen another, before long they were running down her lovely sunkissed cheeks.

"Mirror mirror in my hand who is the ugliest girl in the land." His voice made her blood boil as she turned and tried to hit the mirror over his head.

"It’s NOT FUNNY!" She yelled through her tears, chocking up as a firm but gentle hand grabbed her wrist as the mirror was inches from striking.

"Are you crying?" The pirate boy was half hanging from a higher branch. He had a nasty habit of finding her. Some peter pan she was turning out to be.

"Yes, now Go AWAY!"

"I was here first, and you woke me up."

"Good, I hope you are as miserable as I am." Penny growled and broke his grasp turning to leave.

"Why is it everyone wants to be fairiest? Why has it got to be a competition? All you girls are lovely in a variety of ways.." Penny pretended to ignore him. James just plucked the mirror from her hands.

"See, if I look at this mirror, will that make me the fairiest girl in he land? If I wish hard enough?" His voice had turned to apple white’s, which caused Penny to blink through her tears.

"I mean I am pretty attractive…maybe that’s why charming is constantly looking at his, you would think his destiny is to be narciss." Still speaking in the apple voice, the corner of Penny’s mouth slowly turned upward.

"But honestly, how could I compare…" His voice melted into Raven’s voice, then Kitty, then Lizzie’s, when there are too many perfect evil girls to go around! Oh what shall I do! You lying horrid mirror! You said I was fairiest!"

By now a small giggle had left Penny’s lips, as the pirate boy slyly smiled and handed her back her mirror. “They said I smelled like skunk.”

"And half the time I want to choke on their perfume while sleeping in class. Don’t let them get to you Penny. You are perfect." He smiled and touched her cheek.

She looked at him slyly. “Are you actually going to stay around this time?”

James shrugged nudging her. “You’ve seen one castle you’ve seen them all… I suppose someone should stick around… Make sure you aren’t randomly cutting off people’s limbs.”

Penny smiled looking at the mirror again.

"Now see, that’s the fairiest girl in Neverland.. " Penny blushed before pushing the boy out of the tree. "You’ve mad your point, go find your own mirror to flirt with."

"Who says I haven’t already?" James stretched and winked before walking away whistling.

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Chris Pine looks so freaking good in The Princess Diaries 2 it makes me heart hurt.