do you ever think that penny is a mary sue?

To be completely honest I do. I feel like as I’ve made other muses and roleplayed them I’ve lost her muse and made her some stereotype mary-sue. I still love her the way she is but she is a little sue-ish. 

And to be honest I don’t know when it happened. Sometimes I go back and read my writing and wonder how or why I wrote her like that. It just happened one day.


if you’re going to use these in gif hunts please put some credit in there xxo

❀ about me ❀


name: Dian
birthday:  17th of January
zodiac: Capricorn (maybe that’s why I like deers so much..)
single or taken: UMMMM
height: 170cm I dunno what the hell in feet
eye color: BluuuuuUuUuUue like the ocean depths
middle name: Carolynne
favorite color: Teal, gotta be pedantic
lucky number: 17


hogwarts house: Hufflepuff because we are particularly good finders
favorite fictional character: Who the hell knows
favorite television show: Way to many okay way to many
favorite season: Spring
describe yourself in a few words: I can go from dark and scary to sweet and kawaii
future children’s names: Insert witty name here
meaning of your name: Dian is Indonesian an it means ‘Light’ like a light in the room a light in the world.

ultimate otp: Dude who knows.
what do you plan to/do for a living: I’m planning on going into musical theatre~
starbucks order: Mooochaaa


introvert or extrovert: Extrovert, but when I don’t know anyone I’m a shy turtle
dawn or dusk: Dusk man I don’t have to get up early for that
righty or leftySlight amby but mainly righty

coffee or tea: COFFEE

rain or shine: ShiiIiIiIiIiINE
reading or writing: Both Both Both is good.


Lenore is so obscure that she doesn’t even get an obscure tales die first message.