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"Well someone has to keep you in check!" She retorted gleefully. The blonde was especially happy now that Penny was around. Things on Neverland seem to drag on for Tinka since things were basically never changing. "Oh?" The mention of Penny’s curiosity piqued Tinka’s interest and she tilted her head the slightest bit. "You were interest in the new girl based on looks?" Tinka’s blushed cheeks puffed out some as she crossed her arms. Her wings fluttered quickly behind her, reacting to her mood. 

As Penny hugged her Tinka sighed lightly and hugged her back. “I can’t stay mad at you…” She mumbled and rested her chin on Penny’s shoulder. A few seconds passed before Tinka grabbed Penny’s arms and pushed her away gently at arms length. The blonde fairy then gave a suspicious look before leaning in closer. “If you’re cheating on me, I will find out. I’m your only fairy ‘kay?” She then let go of Penny before linking their arms and tugged her towards the halls. “You have to show me around Penny! I haven’t gotten the chance to explore yet!”

She laughed. “Of course not. But it’s what a lot of other students care about.” She smiled before shaking her head. “Me? Cheat on you with some other fairy? Course not. Although..” She grinned mischievously. “James really grew up if you get what I mean.” She winked at Tinka as she was pulled through the halls. “Alright! Alright! Where would you rather, Town or School?” She asked

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Pixie Pals ~@Tinka-Fairbell~



Tinka had just finished unpacking the last of her things and had been trying to clean off the dust from her luggage. She had used her fairy dust and some rope to transport her things and now there were a few suitcases flying about in the room .”Hey!” She hit the floor before a duffle could hit her face and scrambled to her feet at the sound of a knock.

Now who could that be she wondered? She made the attempt to fix her messy and choppy bangs but stood to a halt at a familiar voice. “Penny?” She asked herself in disbelief and walked over to the door opening. The sight of her bright red hair made her grin and she moved fast to hug her friend. “Oh please! As if you would ever do that!” She laughed and pulled away to look at her. Her lips puckered out into a pout and she batted her eyelashes. “You love me too much to do something evil like that! You’ll make me cry!” Her tone took a dramatic tone as she placed her arm over her eyes. “Oh woe is Tinka!” The fairy paused before breaking out in a fit of giggles and looked back at Penny with a smirk. 

"So how’d you find me hm? I was going to surprise you with flowers and chocolates!" She teased and poked Penny’s side a few times.

She hugged Tinka back, laughing a little as she did so. “Aww come on, you never let me have any fun!” She said with a giggle. She feigned shock before breaking into a grin. “Oh the horror of you crying.” She laughed, wriggling as Tinka tickled her sides.

"News travels fast around here, a certain Princess Beauty wouldn’t stop talking about how hexcellent the new girl looked and it too me all of class to get her to tell me who it was." She smiled. "You took your time to get here!" She said giving her friend another hug.